2011 – Ad Alta (To The Summit)


Happy new year! I’ve been a little behind on blog updates with holidays and some non stop travel. Thanks for ALL the support.

I’m starting 2011 off with some recovery on the beach in Oahu with my dad. Ski season has been a HUGE one already and I needed to rest my body a bit from a few aches and bumps I’ve developed from this season already. I’m taking on a whole new emphasis on my fitness and care of my body, some things I’m learning from hanging out from some great athletes in Big Bear. You can’t just go and go and go…with out some quality care for the body. This will all help me succeed in the big picture and the big goals. (Thank you Mountain Fitness and Sky High Training)

The big question has been about Antarctica. The team was not able to pull it together in ’10, but that’s ok. Some major barriers exist for me and my age, just to get into the interior. It’s rather frustrating…but I guess it makes for a better story my dad keeps telling me. Lots of details to share on this one.

Sights are set for December ’11. Nothing will stand in our way of making a very big and driven attempt at getting to Vinson Massif, the 16,000′ peak of Antarctica. Training and preparation will be second to none, and the design and approach to this expedition will be awesome, and shared…later.

For now, I will recover a bit, get back to Big Bear and have tremendous focus on my freestyle skiing, working with my new personal training Riley Brown, and stay focused on academics and keep myself on the honor roll. Dad is making plans for training trips in Alaska and Northern Yukon to best prep for Antarctica. Indeed I will make it to Winter Outdoor Retailer.

Pretty darn happy about this new FRS COMMERCIAL. Coming to a TV near you now!

Some highlights of my 2010.

Ad Alta



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