2:49:59 Around Big Bear Lake


We did not know what to expect.

Jordan had a wild hair to run around Big Bear Lake. Karen, nor myself have ever attempted this run.
It’s 15 miles, and a bit hilly, and all on road. It’s at 6800′ of course.

Jordan has been having some ankle pain from his Cross Country Training, and Karen has a racked up knee from a mountain bike crash just a few days ago. We figured this would be a 4 hour walk-a- thon of sorts. It was a gorgeous breezy sunny day in Big Bear, why not go for a stroll.

It did not go like this.

Right from the start, the trail head of the Alpine Bike Path, Jordan started with a bang. We figured some slow down, and off/on walk would ensue shortly. It never came. Before we knew it, we were at the bike shop, then Boulder Bay, then the dam in just 1 hour 5 minutes. Dad (here) was giddy. The pain would set in, and his form would struggle a bit as we passed through Fawnskin. We went from 6-7 miles an hour, to sub 5 mph. We worked on his form in this fatigued state, teaching him that this is when it was most important. It truly tested his patience to be coached in a severe fatigued state…but he did…and it worked.

The home stretch came not soon enough, and there was enough gas in the tank for Jordan to put out a near all out sprint for a 7 minute mile to put a ‘cherry on top.’ Heartrate through the ceiling, beat red, and drenched in sweat, leaning against the Team SOLE car….he gasped “I never thought in a million years I would run around Big Bear Lake….I can’t believe it I did this”.

Preparation for Antarctica continues. Stay tunned for more adventures in the world Jordan Romero.


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