2nd Attempt – No lift, Bad Weather


(this is kinda continued from previous entry, with a slightly different ending)-new photos have been posted too.

The rest of the trip is uneventful back to Nabire (base), except for enjoying a cigarette with the captain, WHILE flying, WITH a 55gallon drum of jet fuel on board that already has us nearly gagging on jet fuel fumes.You see, this fuel has a very very low ignition level, you need to practically throw a match directly into the tank for it to ignite. But Karen nor Jordan know this I think, and we just collectively gulp and take this in as life in Papua.

Our local guide and new friend Patric is there to greet us upon return and expresses heaps of disappointment for us. We’re pulled into the staff/pilot lounge where we debrief with both pilots and look over the route and relive some of the moments of the aborted flight. It’s a lot of things going on, the cold, the low oxygen levels (worsened by the fact that both pilots are smokers


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