7 Summits Youth Challenge


Bertha Peak and Grey’s Peak Conquered in 2009!!!

Other peaks to come in 2010. Train hard!

Grey’s Peak: HUGE success!! Jordan leads 45 kids from ALL over southern California make the big trek, and conquer Grey’s Peak in the Seven Summits Youth Challenge! Photos to come soon! Congratulations to all the kids and adults that made the climb. Stay tuned for more!

4th to 12th graders.* All youth at all level of fitness and experience who are willing to try their best are welcome.

Youth of all ages are encouraged to get out and exercise in the outdoors. Local youth mountaineer will guide groups of youth to the peaks of the 7 highest peaks in the Big Bear Valley. There is no charge to participate. Participants will receive plenty of free goodies and be eligible for great raffle prizes donated by many of Jordan’s sponsors.

Various trailhead meeting places in the Big Bear Valley. The 7 highest peaks include: Bertha Peak, Gold Mountain, Grays Peak, Sugarlump, Delamar, Sugarloaf and San Gorgonio

Summer/Fall 2009 – Click here for calendar.

Local youth mountaineer, Jordan Romero, is on his way to climbing the World’s 7 Summits. He wants to share his experience with other youth and so created the 7 Summits of Big Bear Youth Challenge. Following the 7 Summits of Big Bear developed by Ted and Heather DeVito, Jordan is doing his best to get kids outdoors. (Adults interested in the same challenge – check out Ted and Heather’s site, SevenSummitsofBigBear.org)

“Climbing the 7 Summits, I have learned so much about eating right, being healthy, and the benefits of exercising in the outdoors,” says Jordan. “I want other kids to feel what it’s like to set a goal and then stand on the top of that mountain,” he says with wisdom beyond his 12 years.

The 7 Summits Youth Challenge gives kids of all ages a chance to hike the 7 highest peaks in the Big Bear Valley. Jordan will lead the hikes and give everyone tips about training, nutrition and goal setting.

Click here and send your name, age and contact information.

*Younger hikers may be allowed. Parents of younger hikers contact us directly at Jordan@jordanromero.com


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