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My Dream - Jordan Romero

My Dream – Jordan Romero

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Approaching The Summit

Nancy Arnold May 21st, 2010 at 7:18 pm YOU MADE IT!!!! I’ve been starring at the red dot for the past 2 hours and now...

7 Summits Youth Challenge

Bertha Peak and Grey’s Peak Conquered in 2009!!! Other peaks to come in 2010. Train hard! Grey’s Peak: HUGE success!! Jordan leads 45 kids from ALL...

Exotic Cars

Like most 11 year olds, Jordan’s trends come and go. But this one trend seems to be hangin on for quite some time. Expensive, Exotic Super...
Mountain Climbing Complete Checklist

Mountain Climbing Complete Checklist

Mountain climbing is a fun and challenging activity for those who are fond of adventure. Aside from getting you adrenaline running, it is a...

Jordan Joins Big Bear’s Ryan Hall

The town of Big Bear had one of it’s largest gatherings ever, to send off our town Olympian Marathoner, Ryan Hall. He leaves for...
Taco Night HUGE Success

Taco Night HUGE Success

Thank you Sonora Cantina of Big Bear It was a hoot, it was packed, and it was a success. THANK YOU MARIA and all your cool...
Team Arrives in Bali

Team Arrives in Bali

Thank you Cathay Pacific. Safe/smooth and all gear arrived. Balmy air, warm water, nice hotel and GREAT dinner. Few hours sleep, then we’re onto two small/domestic flights...

2011 – Ad Alta (To The Summit)

Happy new year! I’ve been a little behind on blog updates with holidays and some non stop travel. Thanks for ALL the support. I’m starting...

Day 2 – Enroute To Base Camp

Uwe Piske April 13th, 2010 at 2:34 am The more ambitious way to the top – and surely not the preferred one of so many easy...