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Jordan Joins Big Bear’s Ryan Hall

The town of Big Bear had one of it’s largest gatherings ever, to send off our town Olympian Marathoner, Ryan Hall. He leaves for...

7th Place In Big Bear Cross Country Meet

Best result of the year, came on a day when Jordan nearly did not race. His legs were beat, and he lacked the luster he...
Live Map Of Team Jordan on Everest

Live Map Of Team Jordan on Everest

Brian May 22nd, 2010 at 12:36 pm Hey moderator, i didn’t plan on a post, it just came out naturally, but i didn’t explain something...
Porter Update From 3445m/11,200

Porter Update From 3445m/11,200

Two of our boys pour’d in last night. a bit beat. Two others, did not make it to our camp, and spent the night…we don’t...
Team Arrives in Bali

Team Arrives in Bali

Thank you Cathay Pacific. Safe/smooth and all gear arrived. Balmy air, warm water, nice hotel and GREAT dinner. Few hours sleep, then we’re onto two small/domestic flights...
Part of the Story - REVAMPED

Part of the Story – REVAMPED

Apologies for the radio silence. Upon our return from the climb-, we made immediate attempt to return to Bali, and has been stalled in another part...

Back at ABC

Totally awesome. Jordan, you, Paul and Karen, and the rest of the team inspire teens everywhere. With some luck, a bunch more teens (and...

Jordan Nails 1st Mountain Bike Race

Open Air Big Bear had it’s 2nd event. Jordan, 2nd place by 10 seconds! Big Bear Shootout, May 31st. Jordan raced 13-14y/o Cat 3 (beginner) Places 2nd, by...

Business Day In Nepal

Our visas ran out. No worries, we got this oversight handled. THEN it came to the official debrief at the Ministry of Tourism office. Here...

FYE Tour – Leg 2: Utah!

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