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Update From The Team

Update From The Team

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Climb And Visit The Everest Base Camp Trek

March 21, 2015 The Everest Base Camp has been a popular site, both for mountain climbers and tourists alike. This is not only a place...

Jordan Brought The House Down At Discovery Center

Nearly 120 packed the visitors center. Enjoyed Himalayan Food, listened to Jory jam, and hung out. Then Jordan did his thing. He did his best show ever....
Successful Mountaineering Tips | Essential Climbing and Mountaineering

Successful Mountaineering Tips | Essential Climbing and Mountaineering

March 18, 2015 With the support of technology, it seems like people are able to enjoy various kinds of entertainment without having to leave their...

Jordan Nails 1st Mountain Bike Race

Open Air Big Bear had it’s 2nd event. Jordan, 2nd place by 10 seconds! Big Bear Shootout, May 31st. Jordan raced 13-14y/o Cat 3 (beginner) Places 2nd, by...
Part of the Story - REVAMPED

Part of the Story – REVAMPED

Apologies for the radio silence. Upon our return from the climb-, we made immediate attempt to return to Bali, and has been stalled in another part...

2nd Attempt – No lift, Bad Weather

(this is kinda continued from previous entry, with a slightly different ending)-new photos have been posted too. The rest of the trip is uneventful back...

Beginner Tips For Mountain Climbing

Beginner Tips for Mountain Climbing Interested on mountain climbing? This activity has become one of the hottest hobbies today. And that’s reasonable, because, once you...

Fall Break Is All About Adventure

Jordan get’s 2 weeks off for Fall Break In his first week, he get’s his favorite thing in the world: SLEEPING IN. Sully gifts him a...

Business Day In Nepal

Our visas ran out. No worries, we got this oversight handled. THEN it came to the official debrief at the Ministry of Tourism office. Here...