Business Day In Nepal


Our visas ran out. No worries, we got this oversight handled.
THEN it came to the official debrief at the Ministry of Tourism office. Here we meet with government officials and fill out 1 hour of ‘exit’ paperwork, and give them feedback.
Karen stayed at the guesthouse, with continued gut issues. It was just me and our guide service assistant master, Basu. I gave the officials an earful of some major complaints we had. It went in one ear, and out the other. Nothing more than I expected.

Came back to the guesthouse to find Karen, up and roarin to go. First time in 3 days she had an appetite. Straight out the door we went…to a place we’d been eyeing…” The Roadhouse Cafe’, fire roasted pizza and gourmet coffee”. This place did not disappoint. Mood lighting, ambient rhythmic music, excellent service…and as Karen rated it…’ the best bathroom we’ve seen since leaving home’. We’re fueling up, for White Water day on the river tomorrow. THIS is what what we’ve been dreamin about since schlepping down from Everest 5 days ago.
Some STATS on our trip/climb:

21 days and nights, from leaving Kathmandu, to return to Kathmandu

6 seconds- it took our airplane to come to screaching hault after landing at the infamous LUKLA hillside airport

9 seconds- to take off from a dead stop (12 seater plane)

120 kg – total gear we had hauled up to base camp by porters (4 on the way up, 3 on the way down)

4 Canisters of Isobutane fuel used.

4 days to get to everest base camp (EBC) from Lukla- 2 days to return from EBC to Lukla

$1.25- average cost of hotel room on the way up to Everest

78%- percentage of oxygen in Paul’s blood while resting at Camp 2 (21,000′)

52bpm- Karen’s resting heartrate….yes….at Camp 2 (with roughly same % of oxygen)

3- total trips up and down Kumbu Ice Fall, to supply our upper camps. ONE trip down with all gear.

0- number of sherpas or helpers used at any time in base camp or upper camps.


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