Last Friday On The Leno Show


In case you missed it, here’s a few shots from the Leno show. They picked us up in Big Bear in a big black Escalade and we headed down to Universal City and a night at the Sheraton Hotel. We had lunch at Bubba Gumps on Universal City Walk. (Wow, that restaurant is exactly the same as the Bubba Gumps in Hong Kong) And now that Jordan has actually seen the Forest Gump movie he thinks the restaurant is super cool.

Jay Leno sent a driver to our hotel for the show taping. They took us all inside to the “green room” that’s the waiting room when you are waiting to be on tv. Before the show we all got to meet Jay Leno and chat a bit about the show. He was super nice and very friendly. Karen, Dad and my mom then went to the audience to watch the show from there. I got to talk about things a bit more with the show producer and then enjoy the snacks and gifts they left for me in the Green Room. My name was even on the door.

From the audience Jay really put on a great show. The new band is awesome. Jay was funny and they kept the crowd going during the commercial breaks. Tim Allen was the first guest and Jordan the second. Jordan did great. Tim Allen was nice and took good care of Jordan on the breaks. Against Me! was the musical guest. They were good…and they had to play their song twice because something happened to the tape when they played it the first time.

Anyways it was fun talking to Jay and he was interested in the climb. After the show the driver took us back to our hotel. It was a fun day, Thanks Jay! And I did get to see the car that Jay drove to work on that day. It was a classic late 50’s Imperial in mint condition, nice….


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