Live Map Of Team Jordan on Everest

Live Map Of Team Jordan on Everest

Brian May 22nd, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Hey moderator, i didn’t plan on a post, it just came out naturally, but i didn’t explain something right, so here’s the revised post:

Hey jordan – way to go!

People told me i was too old to (indoor)climb when i started at age 63, but instead of just climbing up the wall a few times and going home, i wound up climbing 1500′ a day with a pack that progressed from 30-50# as i climbed farther each day. point is that i was told i was too old to climb,and you were told you were too young, but if you let other people limit your life, you’ll never get anywhere, and so i give you your props for your determination.

But that’s not why i emailed you. in checking the links, i found some lowlife on that was dissing you, and saying you were a brat and never going to make it. i just emailed him and wrote “So you predicted Jordan Romero would fail but he succeeded – how about giving him his props and an apology? Man up, dude!” just in case you had heard about his bs, i just wanted to let you know that someone stood up for you, and now the whole world owes you your props.

Good luck in antarctica!


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