Mountain Climbing, Preparation for Beginners

Mountain Climbing, Preparation for Beginners

Mountain Climbing, Preparation for Beginners

Climbing a mountain can be both a sport and an excursion because the beauty found in the nature will give us pleasure. After reaching the top of the mountain, will get more pleasure because of the amazing scenery there. Absolutely, this sport is a dangerous sport especially when there is not any good planning and supporting equipment. Thus, in order to be safe during climbing a mountain, we should make a good preparation including the climbing gear, the foods, the clothes, the routes, and if it is necessary the person who will be our guide. Also, we need to make sure that we are healthy and strong enough to go climbing a mountain. However, when it is the first time for us to climb a mountain, we should do the following things in order to get a safe and fun climbing a mountain experience.

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Build Our Knowledge
The only thing that makes a practice easier and smoother is knowledge. Thus, before we start our first experience of climbing a mountain, we should build our knowledge about it. Take some books about climbing a mountain from the library and read it carefully so that we understand the important points in it. Also, we can search for the topics related to climbing a mountain online and study the important materials there such as the terms related to climbing a mountain, the clothes to wear, the skills to have, and tips for having a safe climbing. Reading some climbers’ experiences will be a worth source to make us more anticipated too.
Build Our Readiness
After having the knowledge about climbing a mountain, it is the time for us to get ready. First, we have to question ourselves whether we really want to go climbing and whether we are brave enough to do this challenging sport. In other words, we have to be ready mentally. Then, we have to prepare our body. We need to be fit before the activity so that we can start our climbing experience in a good health condition. Our strength and stamina are needed in order to win the challenge of the mountain track. Some exercises that can help us much in preparing our body are jogging, walking, running, weightlifting, skiing, wall climbing, and snowboarding. We can also take lessons on ice climbing.
Prepare the Equipment
Since climbing a mountain is so risky, we have to equip ourselves with some safety equipment. Indeed, there are many kinds of safety gear that we have to use and bring during climbing the mountain, which require much from the pocket too. Thus, as a beginner in the mountain climbing world, it is a wise solution to avoid buying all the gears at once unless we do not have any problem with the budget. On the other hand, if we only have limited budget, we can begin our first experience of climbing a mountain by hiring the safety gear. There are many places that rent them at affordable price. Then, we can buy the gear one by one gradually so that it will not be so burdensome for our finance condition.

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