Mountaineering Types

Mountaineering Types

People can spend much of their time for working but there will be a time which should be spared for enjoying something fun. Working routine can be stressful and frustrating so it will be so much better if people can find the refreshment by doing certain activity which can give them very different experience from their daily routine. If people have to get involved with the skyscraper a lot in their daily life, they should consider about enjoying the activity in nature such as mountaineering. Mountaineering can give people with great opportunity not only for knowing their selves further but also for knowing their friends as well as the world. There are some types of mountaineering which have evolved until today. The different types of mountaineering can be seen from the mountaineering equipment which is carried. However, with various kinds of modern mountaineering equipment with lightweight advantages, people can find the great difference of mountaineering from the time taken for accomplishing the mountaineering trip as well. Here are the general types of mountaineering which can be found these days.


From its name, maybe people will think that this must be type of mountaineering which is associated with Alpine. It was originally built by the guides of Alpine but it has more extensive use. Alpinism is used for low level routes type of mountaineering. The routes should be below 5,000 meters in altitude. This is type of mountaineering which can be found in many routes all around the world. The previous generation of mountain climbers would carry a lot of equipment while taking this trip. This circumstance could cause many accidents and of course climbers would find very slow process for ascending. During alpine style climbing, climber basically has to move quickly with the minimal protective equipment for climbing as well as bivouac equipment. The main point in this type of mountaineering is that they have to be faster so they can be safer by keeping the minimum weight of equipment. All members of the party have to move over the terrain which has difficulty with the competence as well as speed.

High Altitude Mountaineering

High altitude mountaineering is all about the mountain climbing above 5,000 meters in altitude. When taking this type of mountaineering, climbers will be affected by weather, access, altitude, and also the sustained climbing on ice as well as snow. For joining the journey of high altitude mountain climbing, climbers will need patience, dedication, caution, fearlessness, and also careful planning. Nevertheless, it is also crucial for having the ability for making the very quick decision according to the circumstance. There will be vast amount of food as well as bivouac equipment which will be used in expedition. The camps will be built at different altitude on the process for ascending. Every party member should acclimatize for the altitude change.

Ultra Lightweight Mountaineering

This is type of mountain climbing which is reserved for advance climbers. The climbers will ascend to the peak of high altitude by taking the modern equipment with ultra-light weight so they are able to reach the summit in short enough time.


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