My Dream – Jordan Romero

My Dream - Jordan Romero

My Dream to Climb the 7 Summits

I DID IT. December 24, 2011, I stepped onto the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif on the Continent of Antarctica and completed my dream and goal of climbing the 7 Summits of the world. It was an amazing trip to the coldest place on earth. My team was amazing and WOW all of my hard work, preparation and training has paid off. It feels amazing! 6 years of hard work and I feel like I am on the top of the world, well maybe it’s actually the bottom of the world.

On top of Oceana-Papua/Indonesia-‘Carstenz Pyramid’/World Record Summiter

Team Jordan

Jordan Romero – Age 15
I’m the one who started this project. It’s my dream we are following to the highest points on every continent. I know it’s a big goal and lucky for me my family is supporting me every step of the way. In fact my family is my team.

Paul Romero – Dad
Paul is an experienced adventure racer and mountaineer. He is a flight medic with professional skills in emergency field medicine. He is professionally trained in high altitude medicine and rescue.

Karen Lundgren – Stepmom
Karen is also an experienced adventure racer and mountaineer. She is a coach and personal trainer and carries the video camera to every summit to document every step the team takes. She is the team troubleshooter and technology manager.

Scott Wollums – Our Guide on Mt. Vinson
Our guide on Mt. Vinson. A guys who’s done the 7 summits 5 times. A great skier, adventurer and amazing outdoor enthusiast. His next assignment after our summit… he headed our for the South Pole! Lucky guy!

The Seven Summits – Mountains We’ve climbed:

Africa- Kilimanjaro – July 22, 2006 (World Record- Age 10 )

Australia- Kosciuszko – April 5, 2007 (10 years old)

Europe/Russia- Elbrus – July 11, 2007 (World Record- Age 10)

South America- Aconcagua – December 30, 2007 (World Record – Age 11)

North America- Denali – June 18, 2008 (missed world Record by 4 months, Age 11)

Oceana- Carstensz Pyramid – September 1, 2009 ( World Record- Age 13)

Asia – Mt. Everest – May 22, 2010 (World Record- Age 13)

Vinson Massif-Antarctica- (December 24, 2011 – Age 15)

The SEVEN SUMMITS COMPLETED – December 24, 2011 – Age 15 – WORLD RECORD)

(remember, it’s actually 8, ask me if you don’t know the full story!!)


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