Packing Technique Before Climbing

Packing Technique Before Climbing

Mechanical packing in a backpack while hiking is one of the things that need to be done so that the purpose of climbing can be taken with a concise, efficient, and neat. Packing is a way of preparing equipment and techniques in a backpack properly. By doing so, the backpack will be able to accommodate a lot of climbing equipment and the backpack will still feels comfortable to carry. The mountaineers consider this is an art of mountain climbing. Techniques arrangement of items in a backpack is dependent on the expertise of each individual.

Put the Mattress in the Backpacks
Some people prefer to put a mattress outside the backpack but putting mat with in a circular will make the backpack more robust and easier when doing packing in a backpack or pick up the items in the backpack.
Place the Heaviest Items on Top
By placing the heaviest items on the top of backpack, the heaviest load of the backpack will fall on your shoulders. If you do not do this, the body weight will burden the hips and the legs movements will be slightly limited. Therefore, you will feel tired because it is too heavy to bring the backpack.
The Weight Must Be Balanced Between Right and Left
While doing packing in a backpack, place the goods in a draw between the right and left. Unbalanced backpack will disturb the balance of the body. The journey will be difficult because of the hiking trail will pass through some difficult path. Pedestal load between the shoulders and hips should be balanced so that the heaviest load is near the back and not be at the top or bottom.
Arrange Goods Accordance Time Usage
At the time of packing, place the items that will be used at the beginning at the top and put the rest on the bottom of the backpack.
Separation of Goods at Any Time Required
Raincoat, first aid, and medicine are very necessary goods on the way. When do the packing, these items can be placed at the top of the backpack or in the pockets outside the backpack. Therefore, when you need it, you can pick it up quickly.
Put the Goods in Plastic Bags
Before putting the goods, collect some items according to its function. After that, put these items into a waterproof plastic bag. This plastic can be used for storing clothes, papers, books, and some items that are susceptible to water. In addition, use a small cardboard to keep fragile needs like eggs or others.
Avoid Hanging the Goods
Do not hang mat or any other object that has a heavy load. This will make the backpack look untidy and risk caught in bushes or tree branches and will disrupt your trip.
Bring an Extra Bag
If possible, bring an extra bag to put some other purposes. For example, use a small bag to put stuff that is often used such as a camera, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and some snacks.
Use Different Backpacks
When you are packing in a backpack, put some stuff into a backpack according to its function. For example, use a special bag for storing equipment to sleep and use other backpack for storage of food and beverages.


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