Physical Preparation To Climb A Mountain

Physical Preparation To Climb A Mountain

March 5, 2015

Physical Preparation to Climb A Mountain

Physical fitness is highly important in extreme activity, such as mountain climbing. It’s a challenge against nature. Most mountain climbers will say that they are in a race against the mountain. Nothing can be predicted of the outcome. Therefore, it’s best to always make yourself ready for the worst thing before it’s happening. It helps mountain climbers to stay alert on the danger that mother nature has for us. With loads of bad news of accident and even worse, anyone with mountain climbing on their upcoming agenda must be at their best physical condition. It may even require weeks of working out to prepare for mountain climbing adventure.

Basic Physical Preparation for Mountain Climbing

Any mountain climber should know that they are not only hauling their own body to reach mountain peak, but they also have loads of heavy pack inside their backpack and it’s going on for hours or even days. Even walking on the ground on such condition requires physical strength and you are going to climb up to the mountain. The basic exercise for climbing mountain can take up to six weeks as it’s building physical strength. It’s also important to insert balance and base training that will give better support in climbing up. Taking six weeks workout program for upcoming adventure in conquering a mountain should be enough. You can start on the first week by doing a series of workout, starting with 15 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes of cardio exercise, and physical strength exercise that consist of step ups, crunches, planking, push ups, and mountain climbers. The portion of strength exercise is added in each day. On the second week, the duration of each exercise remains the same but more variatives exercises can be done. Cardio exercise can get a little variation with jogging, stepping on the stairs, swimming, or cycling. For strength exercise, 45 minutes of yoga can be done and then followed with balance exercise. Doing yoga alternatively with strength exercise can build muscle strength in faster time. On the third week, you should start taking your exercise out more. Spend more time for mountain climber exercise. It’s also important to spend more time for cardio exercise. You can even spend 75 minutes for stairs exercise or running.

Endurance Training As The Last Part of Physical Preparation

After three weeks on the workout program, it’s about time to work on endurance strength. Cardio exercise must be 75 minutes of workout at minimum. It’s also important to spend more time outdoor for hiking exercise. It’s advisable to spend 5 hours of hiking carrying 15-35 lb of pack. Finally, on the sixth week it’s important to do the same exercise just like in the fifth week on the first half of the week. On the second half of the week, it’s required to pace down the exercise and spend enough time for resting. This way, your body will have enough physical strength to climb up the peak, yet you’re still fresh for the long hours of adventure in the mountain.


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