Porter Update From 3445m/11,200

Porter Update From 3445m/11,200

Two of our boys pour’d in last night. a bit beat.

Two others, did not make it to our camp, and spent the night…we don’t know where. It’s 9am, and we expect them any second. We’ve already donated some apparel and accessories to the twosome, as they are poorly outfitted. Amazing mind and souls…these kids. We’re told they are from the Rai people…apparently known as thee badass of Nepalese, yes even known as stronger than the sherpas who are known for their high altitude skills/power. These Rai are the warrior types…. more on this later.

Just had an omelette, checking email…and day pack is ready. We’ll spend 6-8 hours on trail today. Not moving too fast I am sure.

Health report- Karen turned an ankle on some gnarly stair, and my stomach is not 100% but other than that, we’re happy as a clam.

Thanks for all the kind words and support.

Going fast, taking chances.

P and K


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