Staying Healthy During Mountain Climbing

Staying Healthy During Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is among one of the hardest kind of sports. It is an activity that requires skill and good preparations. If you are not ready with the right gears and the fittest condition, it can be dangerous. One of the things that often happen to those who mountain-climb without having enough preparation is altitude sickness. For mountain-climbers who live on the low lands, the mountain’s climate can be pretty tough, with low air density and oxygen content. That is why, some climbers need acclimatization, which is a period of resting for a few days in the mountains to adjust to the new climate. Other important things that can keep you healthy during the trip are listed below.

Getting in shape

This does not mean that you need to look good while on the mountains. This only involves the process of getting your body in shape, which is going on a proper diet and doing exercise. Although if you are quite over-weighted, you might consider losing a few pounds to save you from the unnecessary exhaustion. This is because as you go against the Earth’s gravity, your body weight increase gradually. Your body mass is the same, but the strength of the gravity pull results in the feel of increase in weight. Therefore, the lighter you are, the easier it is for you to move around and go up against the mountain. Some exercise that you can do are cardiovascular training (several times a week), which are cycling, swimming, hill climbing, jogging, and walking. If you can’t find any hills near you, you can train yourself by climbing up and down the stairs of buildings with several floors high.

Reduce meat consumption

During the trip, try to reduce or even withdraw meat consumption. Although it adds warmth to our body, the meat is easy to go bad. If you are thinking of steaking Yak’s meat along the way, rest assure, you don’t need to do that. Killing animals is usually prohibited in the mountain site. The only option left is to bring meat before the trip. Since meat is easy to go bad, this will not be good for your body. However, you don’t need to worry as you can still eat healthy by consuming lentil soup with rice. It will provide you with the necessary carbohydrate and protein.

Patience is a virtue

If you are trekking on an especially high mountain, like that of the Himalayan and the Alps, you need to remember that nothing can make you ready for it. You can be ready in terms of the fundamental things, but our body is not used to doing activities on the mountains. Besides, a 4000 – 5000 meters high mountain can never do you any favor. The only thing that can make your safe is the act of patience. You should not rush going up. Your body needs to continually and gradually re-adjust to the increasingly difficult climate. It is also an extreme altitude, and you need to be careful as well. Going steady is the key to reaching the top. Walking slow also enables you to enjoy the view and make the most of your time up on the mountains.


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