Team Jordan Lands Back In California

Team Jordan Lands Back In California

The team spent about 4 days getting back from our climb in Papua, east Indonesia….ALL the way back to our home in Big Bear. 2 flights just to get off Papua, including an overnight layover, 1.5 day in Bali, perhaps the most contrasting place ever compared to Papua.

Bali is a place everybody should visit. It’s the most international sea of flesh, basking on endless white beaches, perfect waves, ridiculous shopping, clubs and restaurants, and SUN, lots of sun.

J now loves HONG KONG

A red eye flight takes us to Hong Kong, for a 11 hour lay over, which turned out to be the best layover we’ve EVERY had, anywhere. Our good pal, and fellow adventure racer Ryan Blair, director of an amazing company Asia Pacific Adventure.

Hong Kong Island

Let’s just say he showed us the south Orange County, of Hong Kong. Gorgeous place, on the coast with stylish living scene, and he hosted at his club: the Victorian Recreation Center….this place had ALL the outrigger canoes, surf skiis, paddle boards and everything inbetween. Lunch on the beach, then it was back to the train that would zip us back to the airport. A nice last minute run through the airport ala the JUICE for the ol Hertz commercial, and we’ve packed onto a 747 for 13 hours of goodness back to U.S.

Jordan spends about the first 4 hours on homework, you see he’s stayed pretty much on top of his studies, largely due to Karen’s dilegance. He’s read two books, done tons of math, and wrote a cultural report on Indonesia. Pretty cool. Movie reruns, usual airplane foot and the wheels skid on the mother earth of California. J, jumps in the car and it’s straight to sleep. 3 hours to Big Bear, we poured him out of the car, he slaps on his running shoes and he and Super K head up into the trails for run training. You see… it’s 96 hours until Jordan’s first ever marathon.

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