The Night Before The Big Climb And What Lies Ahead

The Night Before The Big Climb And What Lies Ahead

It’s the night before a big climb. We will go up for some 3 days, to again build onto our Camp 1, then Camp 2 (7900meters). There are 3 ‘high camps’ in all. It may seem a little confusing on our map as we go back and forth between camps, but hang in there and we will explain it all to you. These ‘up and down’ trips are completely standard, as we have to train our bodies to be up at these very, very thin air camps. And, of course….we must carry everything up, sleeping bags, tents, food, gas, you name it. The route to the summit of Everest takes time and effort. Furthermore, every move between camps requires a rest day. We try to replenish as many calories as we can and catch up on sleep. Sleeping up here is a major challenge.

We’ll again return to the warm comfort of 21,000′ ABC, before making another work trip to the upper camps.

Once that is done, we’ll of course return all the way to the beach like weather of 17,000′ base camp where we wait for the right weather window.

Thus far, the team is probably, ahead of what was expected in terms of acclimatization. Whilst at 21,000, our appetite has not even dipped, sleep has been a tiny challenge, but now we all sleep 9-10 hours minimum. Resting heart rates are low, saturation high, headaches gone. . . . everything is just clicking!

It’s a yo yo game, just hang in there and be patient, and we’ll try to communicate our strategy the best we can, all things considered.

Jordan, Karen, Paul


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