Utah Bound

Utah Bound

Posted by eCamp on July 31, 2012.

Jordan’s found a cozy spot in the back of the NOW van as we head across the dark desert toward Utah. A few drops of rain here and there but nothing to think more about . We’ll stop on the way tonight and complete the trip to the trailhead of Kings Peak in the a.m. I’m sitting in the back of the most excellent Sprinter Van working on my computer, creating some designs as we work with Champion System to create some amazing team clothing that soon (all of you will be able to buy as well). Paul’s driving, having a chat with the dj’s on NPR and keeping an eye on Europa Man, warning me of any sharp turns, road construction bumps and anything else that might disturb my work. My purple Ellsworth Truth is following along in the Sylvan GO trailer. Quite a sight to see I am sure.


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