What To Do Before Mountain Climbing

What To Do Before Mountain Climbing

February 27, 2015

What to do before Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing, some people call it as a dangerous activity. But for the other ones, this is just a challenging activity. Although it can be so risky, risking your life is not the goal of mountain climbing. In fact, it will teach you the meaning of sacrifice and how to be the part of the nature. This is pretty interesting if you know the truth about mountain climbing. But before climbing a mountain, preparation is a must. At least, there are two things to prepare. The first one is self-preparation. It relates to the physical preparation and mental preparation. And for the second preparation, it relates to the equipment and the other stuff for mountain climbing.

Preparing Yourself

Physical and mental preparation are so important. Mountain climbing will force your physical strength for sure. Your muscle and your endurance will be challenged so hard. Even the challenge can be harder when you face the altitude challenge. The low oxygen and the low temperature will drain your endurance so fast. If you are not ready for this, you will never be able to reach the top. For this, prepare your physical strength by exercise. Focus on the strength and the endurance strength. But you also need to know it. Your endurance may drain faster. For this, make sure to train as hard as you can.
Mental preparation is also as important as the physical preparation. In mountain climbing, you must be ready for the unpredictable things. Decision must be made for fast. Without the good mental strength, you will be easy to panic. And when you are in the dangerous situation, the impact can be so fatal. One way to prepare the mental strength is by understanding the mountain and its risks. With knowledge, you can be more ready.

Prepare the Stuff

One thing that should not be missed on the preparation is stuff preparation. Everything you need for mountain climbing must be prepared. This is including the backpack, boot, clothing, tent, medicine, jacket and foods. If the field seems to be more extreme, you may need grivel and climbing rope too. Selecting the equipment must be made based on the field condition.

Having a map or GPS is also necessary. It allows you to know your location. So, you can stay on the right way and minimalizing the risk of getting lost. To reduce the risk, make sure to find out more about the mountain. Learn everything about the mountain. Knowing the mountain very well is not just improving your confidence. It helps you to prepare the right equipment too.

Do it with your Friends or the Expert

Climbing a mountain with your friends or with the expert is so recommended. It improves the success rate and minimalize the risk. By climbing a mountain with the expert, you can see the safest route as well. Beside it, you will never be lonely. Your adventure will be more fun and challenges can be passed the way better. No matter who you are, mountain climbing alone will always be dangerous. For this, do not do this ever.


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