What To Pack For Mountain Climbing

What To Pack For Mountain Climbing

March 5, 2015

What To Pack For Mountain Climbing

When you are doing adventurous activity, making plans and preparations become the most important step on your adventure, especially if your activity involves the nature. You can never predict how the weather will turn on the day of your adventure. So, it’s always best to make sure you are ready for the worst thing to happen. Mountain climbing will put you out in the wilderness. The challenge can be bigger than hiking as you will have to climb up the mountain. You may have to do some rock climbing to reach the peak of the mountain. It means that you have more things to do on your preparation. You must make sure you have all the equipment inside your backpack.

Survival Kits In A Backpack

It may sound exaggerating, but it’s true. Your safety, and even your life, can be depending on the equipment that you are bringing with you. If you are planning to spend your weekend for mountain climbing, then it’s best to start your preparations from now. You must know what are the basic equipment that you should bring along inside your backpack. As you are going to spend days out in the wilderness, your clothing should be chosen carefully to give the ultimate protection against the weather and any possible accident that can happen. Clothing and footwear must be on the first list of items that you should prepare for mountain climbing. Choose specially designed clothing and footwear for mountain climbing that are made from waterproof fabrics. Thick fabric should be able to keep your warm and dry just in case rain pour down. Complete yourself with face mask, warm hat, goggles, and mitten that can keep your warm. Don’t forget to pack 6 pairs of heavy duty socks for protection against frostbite. Bring your camp gear with you. As you are going to spend the night in the mountain, you must equip yourself with durable tent and high quality sleeping bag for your own comfort. Climbing gear crampon for your boots, personal harness, rope, and flash light with head strap must be inserted inside your backpack as these are basic mountain climbing gear. Also, there’s nothing wrong from bringing ice axe with you. There’s big possibility that you will climb on icy surface where ice axe and rope will be very useful to pull you up.

Personal Safety To Climb A Mountain

Although you have brought complete mountain climbing gear, there’s still possibility of getting into accident or bad thing to happen on your adventure. Therefore, you must bring some safety gear inside your backpack. It can be useful to pack for some positioning equipment, such as GPS or compass. Knowing where you should go for safety can minimize your chance of getting into accident. Don’t forget to bring medical aid inside your backpack. Personal medicines can be crucial for emergency situation in the wilderness. Last, enough supplies of water and food are always important. Mountain climbing takes a lot of energy that you must pack some energy bars, biscuits, canned soup, and plenty of water. Bring lightweight cooking utensils, such as steel mug, bowl, and knife can be helpful. Moreover if you bring snow collection bags that can melt snow and heat up the water.


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